Thursday, 8 April 2010

Pears and strawberries

It seems to me that when one is nursing a wisdom tooth extraction, one tends to crave for something cold, soft and sweet - that was how it was for me at least! Over the long Easter weekend I had my left bottom wisdom tooth taken out via a minor surgery and I've been gobbling down plenty of ice-creams, yogurts, puddings, etc ever since!

My craving for cold, soft and sweet yummies also led me to work on a new mousse cake recipe - creamy pear mousse placed on almond dacquoise base and topped with strawberry jelly layer. The entire ensemble was very light & fruity. I made the dacquoise base and pear mousse the night before so as to allow the mousse to set overnight in the fridge. The strawberry layer was cooled to room temperature before pouring over the pear mousse and allowed to set in the fridge. I've never matched pears with strawberries before so it was interesting to find out it does blend well.

Working on this recipe from scratch meant I had to try it twice before getting the respective quantities right - my initial attempt had the strawberry layer too thick and I felt it masked the taste of the pear mousse, not to mention it also weighed down too heavily on the pear mousse layer which is very light, almost fluffy. The second attempt is what you see here in the photos - the strawberry jelly layer was kept thin hence allowing primary focus (taste buds wise) to be on the pear mousse.


  1. Yummy! will you be able to share the recipes?


  2. These great pictures almost make me want to get a tooth extraction so I have a valid excuse. You're right that a person will need something soft and cold to eat so that they don't aggravate the wound.

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  3. I had a dentist Bondi wisdom teeth extracted last year and all I ate was Ice Cream, Smoothies, and more ice cream. This dessert would have hit the spot in between Ice Cream and Smoothies.



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