About me

I'm a Singaporean living in Hong Kong with a strong passion for desserts.  As a kid I often baked brownies to bring to school, realizing that sharing them with friends was as much fun as baking them.  I clearly remember the excitement when my parents bought me my first oven - a baby belling that still  stands in my backyard in Singapore, though I'm not sure if its still working.  Its amazing though that Belling has kept the design pretty much similar after so many years.  I am still using a standing mixer that my mum got for me at the age of 15 - yes, it came with me to Hong Kong along with quite a number of my baking tools.  

Once I started working I somehow never found enough time to continue focusing on dessert making as a serious hobby.  My job in investment banking took up most of my time (those in similar fields would understand). In mid 2009, I finally left those crazy work hours behind and rediscovered my "long-lost" love for baking, dessert making and more recently food photography (mainly a result of wanting to take good pictures of my creations).

Banking and baking are indeed very different. Definitely not a pro in the kitchen but decided a blog would be nice to document my learning journey and share my love for all yummy creations from the home kitchen.

I have no formal training other than a few ad-hoc classes in the past so I guess I'm self-taught (= lots of trial and errors). The internet provides me with tonnes of ideas for brainstorming as well as valuable learning tips. Over time I've purchased quite a number of good reference books providing not just recipes but good instructional guides. I also learn a lot from people around me who are willing to taste the stuff I make and give me valuable feedback.  Thanks guys!

If you stumble upon this site feel free to leave me a note (see contacts tab).  I would love to hear about your personal experience in home baking.


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