Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Aphrodisia dessert buffet

This valentine's day Herr Scherrer gave me a surprise treat at the newly renovated The Mira Hong Kong - a dessert buffet at Yamm starting from 10pm with cakes and desserts from Coco (yes, this man knows me well! haha). I did set up this blog to record home baking escapades, so this would be one unusual exception where I write about commercially made desserts. I also have to apologize for the lack of quality in the photos posted. As it was a surprise I wasn't armed with a proper camera and took the photos with my iphone.

The spread was a bit bigger than what one would generally find at a hotel buffet but not extravagant. In addition to cakes and mousse there were cookies, cupcakes and macaroons. I was surprised & somewhat delighted to find alcohol added to some of the cakes, something unusual in Hong Kong as I was told the locals don't really take to that.

I'm not qualified as a dessert critic so would avoid passing any sort of remarks that would be construed as such. I would just say that as a normal dessert loving consumer, the cakes were a delightful indulgence but not memorable like those from the Mandarin Oriental Cake Shop (if I had to compare). The macaroons were disappointing though (Herr Scherrer's benchmark being those from the swiss Confiserie Sprüngli).

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